dog walking Only in aurora, ON

Love4Dogs offers a variety of packages to best suit your needs.

Below is a breakdown of our rates and services:

Group Walks - Group walks are a great option to make sure your pup is well socialized and to have a great time with friends! 

$20 - Half Time - 30 minute group walk

$23 - Luvin 45 - 45 minute group walk

Private Walks - Private walks are for our shy, timid or dogs that need more one-on-one time.  Walk time will be either early in the day or later in the afternoon.

$30 - Half Time, Private 30 Minute

$45 - Wagging Hour, Private 1 hour

Note that prices above are per day, any additional dogs in the same household are $8 per dog.  

Monthly Rates - For clients that need their pup to be walked Monday-Friday, based on 20 walks per month.

Half-Time - $380

Luving 45 - $435

Puppy Visits - Puppies tend to need more quality time while their systems develop.  They require more sleep and the need to have all their vaccine's before joining other dogs on group walks.  

It is recommended that puppies have 2 visits per day.  Puppy visits start at $40 per day.

Home Visits - Home Visits are popular for clients that have cats.  These visits are 30 minutes and include any type of feeding, refreshing water and cleaning up of litter box


Service is Monday through Friday, excludes Stat Holidays and Weekends.  A surcharge of $8 for service on Weekends, Stat Holidays and Evening hours will be applied.