Professional Pet Services


dog walking Only in aurora, ON

Walking your pet when you need a break or happen to be away

Love4dogs offers fun mid-day and afternoon walks.  Daily, Weekly, Monthly and On-Call reasonable rates available!  Every walk includes:  Walk, Fresh Water, Treats, Playtime, and more importantly tons of LOVE!

Using a professional dog walker is the best idea if you have a busy schedule.  We all have pressing day-to-day obligations with career, family, and commuting, not to mention the many other items that pop up daily.

Dogs need to socialize, after all they are social animals.  Interacting with other dogs help keep them alert, stimulate them mentally, which keeps them sharp.  A daily walk will give your dog the exercise it craves and the companionship it needs, to continue to be a healthy and loving member of your family.  constant exercise also deters your dog from any destructive behaviour.